Those that try too hard


              Some people just try way too hard to be included. They will go to any lengths to be liked by others, even if it means forgetting who they really are along the way. Some lie, others fake it, and the minority just don't do all. This way they keep out of trouble, but remain unhated. Some people at my school are so fake, both to themselves and others. I couldn't live like that. A while ago there was a huge argument involving one of my best friends and another group of people that we had just befriended (although not for long). There was one particular girl in the group who always felt the need to be centre of attention. I hate people like that. It's always about her and never about anyone else. Somehow all her groupies were under her spell and followed her around like lost drooling puppies. It was sad. I despise her. Up to this day we don't speak, we sit at the complete opposite ends of the common room, and never look at each other. She is the type of person who makes me cringe. She's selfish, self-conscious, self centered, self obssessed, self imposed, and then selfish some more. She tries to be liked by everyone, that she doesn't realise she just pushes people away. She loves the attention so much, she'd risk anything for it. She tries too hard to be different, that she ends up attracting the wrong crowd. The worst part?, her foundation is the thickness of my toast in the morning, and her lipstick makes her look like Dracula, of course not forgetting the ever so dark eyeshadow, it's like someone punched her in both eye balls before school. 

                Anyhow, my point is... I don't understand how some people can take so much shit from others, never standing up for themselves. I learnt that if you don't stand up for yourself, you'll always be the one below everyone else, because nobody knows the other side to you. Everyone has a double side, some even a triple side. A side they try to hide away from others, because they don't trust it, they don't yet know it. Let that side come out and you'll know who you really are, because right now, you're just being who other people want you to be, you're repressing your true feelings because you're afraid others won't like who you truely are.... How will you know if you don't let go?


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