Reconnecting with the past.

             Recently I've just stumbled upon one of my oldest friends from primary school, through the help of the biggest social networking site, 'Facebook'. I had been trying to find this person for years now. The last time we saw each other was eight years ago, I was eight and so was she, now were both 17. We were best friends. However everything changed when I moved to England eight years ago. Our last goodbye was in the school playground, where we took our last picture together, there was me, her and her twin sister. That picture remains with me until this day, downstairs in the living room nailed to the wall, that's it's permanent home. 
              I was on one of my brother's old friends' Facebook when I came across a familiar name. Her last name was vague to me but her first name was glued in my memory. Nonetheless the minute I saw her name it became unambiguous that this was the person that I've been trying to find for eight years. I added her and the day after she accepted. I openly stalked through all her pictures and saw how she'd changed. Not much of a difference though, she still has the same frame I remember her having. Her hair had changed through. She came online, and we spoke. It felt like we had never separated. Almost like we knew each other the same way we knew each other eight years ago. It was strange but comforting. 
              A sense of bliss and relieve came over me. It was reassuring to know that I now have somebody in my world that I've known since I was in kindergarten and grew up with. Why?... because the friends I have now I find difficult to connect with, difficult to talk to at times and difficult to confide in. Not that I had instantaneously found that in her. But I was reassured that a part of my childhood remains whole and solid. I hope we can see each other again in person some time. I'd love that.

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