A lie - Flouting or Violating?

Rihanna - 2010 hair cut

Some of us think we can trick ourselves into believing something that is blatantly wrong. We do it because we want to believe the people around us are good. We do it because we want to be loved. We don't want to judge, or be judged. But is it worth losing who you are along the way?. I'm completely baffled by those of us who do something because we think others will think highly of it and give us their stamp of approval. We let ourselves feel like it's judgement day, everyday. I can 100% relate to this. For years now my main concern has been my hair. I don't know what to call it. I've been on a rollercoaster ride of a love/hate relationship with my hair. I have fairly long afro/Caribbean hair, but not 100% coarse. Maybe 60% coarse to 40% fine. In the past I've relaxed my hair, cut my hair, straightened my hair and contemplated perming my hair. To me, I'd rather just chop it all off (or at least 3/4 of it). To me, my hair no longer has an importance, well it never did, or maybe that's what I try to tell myself. That it's not important, and I can do whatever I wish upon it. All those years of not treating my hair like it was suppose to be treated is really starting to show now. It's dry, damaged, got split ends and the frequent dry scalp from over-washing. If I wasn't living under my parent's strict roof, I'd have my hair cut short and relaxed because I think I’d find it easier to manage that way. But do I really want to get rid of all my hair just to look like a sensationally beautiful pop star? Most people would answer yes to this. I guess a small part of me would too, but I just don't like to think of it that way. I want short hair like hers because it looks beautiful, it looks low maintenance and it will be less hassle to do my hair everyday. Plus, I'd also get rid of all those damaged ends and start fresh. However what I can't bring myself to realise is the real reason to why I want to go to the hairdressers and hand them a picture of Rihanna's hair do and ask to have it replicated as my own. Would I be doing it for me? Or for society?. A (big) part of me would be doing it so I could fit in with the new hairdos and 'what's in'. All the young girls (even mothers) out there are following trend after trend of what the new ‘thing’ is and imitating celebrities’ lifestyles. Why? Because it makes them feel important, it gives them a boost in confidence and they feel as if they’ve accomplished something because finally they feel accepted by society. It makes them feel part of the dangerous norm and the ever rapidly progressing new generation of fakes and new makes.
My note on that? > Be who you want to be <


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